Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society

Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society

The Alpha Beta Kappa (ABK) National Honor Society permits ConnCAT to formally and publically recognize studious alumni who serve as lifelong ambassadors of our program. Candidates for the Honor Society demonstrate excellence inside career-img2and outside the classroom.

Academic Leadership: Society members complete all assignments in a timely fashion, give every assignment their best effort, take personal responsibility for success and failure, and consistently demonstrate a strong work ethic.

Community Leadership: Society members display a willingness to assist other students and show genuine care and mutual respect for ConnCAT community members.

Strong Character: Society members practice honesty and integrity, own their faults and mistakes and demonstrate a willingness to improve and evolve. Always marked by a positive attitude, Society members are consistent and reliable.

ConnCAT inducts members into the ABK Honor Society at every graduation ceremony. We are pleased to introduce our current membership:

Medical Billing & Coding Year

  • Denise Duhart, President, Cohort I
  • Pierre Goubourn, Cohort I
  • Juany Jimenez, Cohort I
  • Danielle McCormick, Cohort I
  • Maria Minaee, Cohort I
  • Byron Nicholson, Cohort I
  • Natasha Threet, Cohort I
  • Sonseray Campbell, Cohort II
  • Tracey Curtiss, Cohort II
  • Donald HaydenCohort II
  • Chrystal JordanCohort II
  • Susanne HamptonCohort II
  • Briana JohnsonCohort II
  • Awilda Sotomayor, Cohort II
  • Alsondra Suggs, Cohort II
  • Arlice White, Cohort II
  • Lakei Reddick, Cohort III

Phelebotomy Year

  • Charles Stevenson, Cohort I
  • Nicole Bowers, Cohort II
  • Shaquanna Hagwood, Cohort II
  • Melissa Perkins, Secretary Cohort II
  • Kosha Gardner, Cohort III
  • Stacie Goldiamond, Cohort III
  • Kiana McCoy, Cohort III
  • Constance Morton, Cohort III
  • Shanique Moore, Vice President Cohort IV
  • Cynthia Torres, Treasurer Cohort VI
  • Michelle Paterson, Events Coordinator Cohort VI