Alumni Association

Our alumni community is steadily growing with each new class of ConnCAT graduates. The alumni association serves a twofold purpose: (1) To carrer pathways_02provide a point of gathering and connection for ConnCAT alumni, who are navigating new careers and lifestyles; and (2) To offer an outlet for meaningful leadership for members of our community.

In partnership with ConnCAT, our newly-appointed Alumni Officers play a key role in engaging and fortifying alumni ties—with ConnCAT, and with each other. In its first year of existence, the Alumni Association created the Carlton Highsmith Scholarship award. In addition, the group regularly conducts fundraising activities and sponsors workshops for adult learners in both medical career programs.

Meet our current board of Alumni Officers:

  • President: Pierre Goubourn, Medical Billing and Coding Cohort I
  • Vice President: Nicole Bowers, Phlebotomy Cohort II
  • Event Coordinator: LisaChante Dinkins, Phlebotomy Cohort II
  • Membership Secretary: Danielle McCormick, Medical Billing and Coding Cohort I
  • Secretary: Melissa Perkins, Phlebotomy Cohort II

Interested in being connected to our Alumni Association? Please contact: