Career Pathways Program

ConnCAT is committed to creating realistic and accessible career trajectories for EVERY adult learner in our program. Our unique Career Pathways program complements our classroom instruction and externship, bridging the gap between education and workforce preparation. Through a series of targeted and timely professional development supports that continue past graduation.

Pathways aims to:

  1. Cultivate a commitment to lifelong learning;
  2. Reinforce self-awareness of employable skills; and
  3. Develop a healthy, career-ready attitude and outlook in our adult learners.

ConnCAT’s Pathways program has several key ingredients:

  • An active and supportive alumni network that extends the positive benefits of being part of the ConnCAT community
  • An ABK National Honor Society that recognizes our adult learners’ accomplishments and sets a standard for ongoing self-improvement
  • A scholarship program that provides additional incentives to our adult learners

In addition to these activities, the program also provides:

  • Professional coaching with an emphasis on self-confidence and skill-building
  • A bi-weekly Job Club that provides support, structure and accountability to recent graduates in a small group setting
  • Career mentors that give regular guidance and support
  • General career readiness preparation, including: reviewing resumes, practicing interviewing skills and utilizing technology (e.g. LinkedIn profiles) to facilitate the job search.

Through Career Pathways, ConnCAT takes adult learners from the classroom to the workforce.


            Be a part of our growing community of career mentors, community volunteers who are a core part of our Career Pathways program.

            For all other questions about Career Pathways, please contact:
            Odell Montgomery Cooper at