Carlton L. Highsmith Scholarship Application

The Carlton L. Highsmith Scholarship is a competitive merit scholarship awarded to adult learners who successfully complete the Medical Career Program (both classroom instruction and externship). The Highsmith Scholarship will fund the awardees’ fee for the National Phlebotomy Association or Certified Professional Coding National Exam. The scholarship award takes a holistic view of the adult learner’s performance at ConnCAT: instructor evaluation, academic performance, attendance, written essay, and demonstration of ConnCAT’s core values throughout the program.

This inaugural scholarship at ConnCAT is named after our Board Chairman, Carlton L. Highsmith. By recognizing and rewarding past performance, this scholarship aims to inspire our adult learners to continue down a path of ongoing learning and self-improvement in their new careers.

Entry Requirements

  1. Successfully completed both the classroom instruction and externship components of their medical career training program
  2. Submit a copy of their ConnCAT transcript
  3. Submit an instructor evaluation form
  4. Submit a written essay
  5. Submit a completed application to the Career Pathways Manager; applications must be submitted by the posted application deadline

Program Recognition

  1. Awardees are determined by the cumulative highest score of the application. The minimum score to be considered for the scholarship is 70 points. The maximum score is 100.
  2. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered and a participant may only apply once.

Calling all recent ConnCAT graduates : We invite you to submit an application for consideration for the Carlton L. Highsmith Scholarship.

 Download Scholarship Application