The ConnCat Center at Lincoln-Bassett Community School

Lincoln-Bassett Community School

THE CONNECTICUT CENTER FOR ARTS & TECHNOLOGY (ConnCAT) is located less than one mile from Lincoln-Bassett. We strive to prepare youth and adults for educational and career advancement through student afterschool and adult training programs. ConnCAT’s mission, core competencies, and deep commitment to the Newhallville community uniquely qualify and position the nonprofit organization to support Lincoln-Bassett’s transformation into an outstanding school and catalyst for neighborhood revitalization.

ConnCAT Center at Lincoln-Bassett: ConnCAT has created a ConnCAT Center at Lincoln-Bassett located on the ground floor near the school’s main entrance that serves as a resource for students and family members. The Center’s primary purpose will be to empower and engage Lincoln-Bassett’s parents and families in a safe and central location. The afterschool program will be coordinated and operated out of the Center. The Center will be staffed by ConnCAT’s Lincoln-Bassett Program Manager, Stephen Driffin, from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

Afterschool Programming

Number of students: up to 100
Grades: 3-6
Frequency and timing: Five days a week, between 3:00PM and 6:00PM
Enrichment areas: Arts, technology and digital media, drama, athletics, music, and science.
ConnCAT will work in collaboration with Lincoln-Bassett’s faculty and staff, to ensure that these extended day programs align to and reinforce core instruction delivered during the school day.

The schedule below and list of potential enrichment classes provide an overview of the afterschool program:
Homework and Tutoring: Every day, students will spend one hour dedicated to homework completion and individualized tutoring.
• Talented tutors will come from area colleges, universities, and/or other postsecondary institutions, and will expose students to college at an early age, promoting college-going aspirations.
• Tutors will receive training aligned to the school’s core English language arts and mathematics programs and instructional approaches, allowing tutors to provide individualized tutoring and support.
• As students complete their homework, they will engage in independent reading, educational games, and/or tutoring.
• Friday instruction will emphasize study.

Family Engagement and Education

Education and Career Enrichment: ConnCAT will provide career training, advising and professional coaching (e.g., workshops around resume writing, interview skills, etc.) to Lincoln-Bassett’s parents through targeted outreach and advertising.
Family and Parenting:
ConnCAT, in collaboration with Lincoln-Bassett teachers and leaders, will provide workshops at the school around parenting strategies (e.g., behavior management, de-escalation) and academic supports (e.g., homework tips, reading strategies, math strategies, etc.). ConnCAT will also empower adults with effective ways to communicate with teachers and administrators, including questions to ask during students’ quarterly parent-teacher conferences.

Personal/Household: ConnCAT will lead workshops at the school site, giving parents tools to support their families, as well as access to practical personal and household skill-building sessions. Initial workshops may focus on financial literacy and computer training. Participants will gain an understanding of available banking services, how to use a checking account responsibly, and strategies to save money toward financial goals. ConnCAT will also provide ongoing workshops to expose participants to basic computer skills for office and personal use.
Based on participant enrollment and attendance, computers will also be accessible for personal use.

Arts and Leisure: ConnCAT will collaborate with community partners and leaders to use Lincoln-Bassett as a frequent venue for recreational community events, including art shows, music performances, and guest speakers. In a format that mirrors ConnCAT’s current programming, Lincoln-Bassett will become a hub for community engagement, for neighborhood-specific and citywide issues. ConnCAT will engage New Haven’s arts community through a series of opportunities to instruct adults and children through the extended day program. There will also be opportunities for the arts community to present works that draw the greater New Haven community to the facility.