What is CONNCAT?

CONNCAT is a 501(c)(3)organization and an affiliate of the National Center for Arts and Technology (NCAT). It is a replication of the nationally acclaimed Manchester Bidwell model founded in Pittsburgh by Bill Strickland more than forty years ago.

Who will CONNCAT serve?

  • Initially the Center will provide job training for approximately 60 adults in medical coding and phlebotomy. Additional market relevant job training will be added during phase II planned for 2013.
  • The Center will begin serving approximately 100 under-privileged students per school year motivating them with Art & Design and Digital Arts Studio programming.

Why does the New Haven region need CONNCAT?

  • Unemployment in New Haven is among the highest in Connecticut at 12.2% – versus an average of 8.2% statewide.
  • High School dropout rates range from 15.7% and 27.4% in New Haven versus an average of 6.8% for the state.

CONNCAT is focused on providing realistic and pragmatic solutions to help reduce these troubling statistics.

What are CONNCAT’s key strategies and expected outcomes?

  • CONNCAT will collaborate with area employers and academic institutions to develop industry specific/market relevant job training programs for job opportunities that exist in the region.
  • CONNCAT’s job training programs will increase the skilled labor pool in identified areas of need that will help to reduce the area’s unemployment level.
  • CONNCAT will provide life skills training to its adult job-training curriculum. These will include interviewing skills, financial literacy, career counseling, etc. which will increase the possibilities of long term employment for our adult population.
  • CONNCAT’s ultimate outcome is for area employers to have access to a skilled, motivated workforce and for area residents to have access to industry specific job training that will result in a high likelihood of employment.
  • CONNCAT will bring to the region a nationally acclaimed after-school program that uses the visual arts to stimulate and inspire the minds of an identified at risk student population. This landmark educational arts center in the inner city will help to close the highest achievement gap between minority and non-minority students in the country.
  • CONNCAT will leverage the transformative power of the arts to stimulate, motivate and inspire students toward a new appreciation for learning. This will help decrease the dropout rate and increase the graduation rates and the number of students going on to college.
  • CONNCAT’s overall objective is to help improve the quality of life for all in our community.

How many affiliates currently exist?

There are currently four operational affiliates using the model including…

  • Cincinnati (CATC)
  • Cleveland (NewBridge-CAT)
  • Grand Rapids (WMCAT)
  • San Francisco (BayCAT)

Additional Centers are being planned in other cities in the continental US and Canada.

Where will the first CONNCAT be located?

CONNCAT will be located at 4 Science Park at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut.
This location is convenient to the New Haven transit system, serving many communities in Greater New Haven.

Does CONNCAT have strategic partners?

Youth programs will collaborate with area school districts in recruiting youth participants for CONNCAT’s after-school programming. CONNCAT has also partnered with one of the region’s largest employers, Yale-New Haven Hospital in developing adult training programs. We also have collaborative partnerships for future initiatives including Gateway Community College and Southern Connecticut State University.

What are the criteria for Adult and Youth program participation?

  • Adult participants must have a High School diploma or G.E.D., social security number, proof of New Haven residency (utility bill, rental lease, etc.) and birth certificate.
  • Appropriate scoresin math, reading and locating information on the Key Train Assessments
  • Youth participants will be identified by the school Guidance Counselors.

What is the cost?

There is no cost to the adult learner or youth participant.

Are you eligible if you have you are an ex-offender?

Depends on a variety of factors (severity of conviction, length of time since conviction, work history, probation officer references); decision for participation is at the discretion of CONNCAT staff.

How long are the adult program courses?

Medical Billing and Coding Program Coding: 8 months and 2 months externship

Phlebotomy Program:4 months and 1 month externship

Do you have any night classes?

ConnCAT does not currently offer any evening adult programs

Connecticut Center for Arts and Technology
4 Science Park, New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 823-9823
CEO & President, Erik Clemons eclemons@conncat.org