Youth Programs


ConnCAT provides a safe space where middle and high school students can explore their creative talents in the company of supportive peers and instructors. Though the program does not focus on one type of student exclusively, our emphasis is on youth who are not meeting their academic potential in a traditional classroom environment and who would benefit from additional outlets for self-expression.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, all programs are offered free of cost to participants. ConnCAT’s year-round calendar provides multiple opportunities for interested youth:

  • AFTER-SCHOOL programs include multimedia arts classes that help youth discover and develop new talents and transfer this positive Youth_Program_01energy to the classroom.
  • SUMMER programs include thematic workshops that immerse students in learning through creative media and keep them engaged for the upcoming school year.


ConnCAT relies on the commitment of all parties—student, parent, and school—to deliver a meaningful and impactful program for our youth participants. Our “all hands on deck” approach means:

  • Students will commit to regular and engaged participation in ConnCAT programs
  • Parents will actively support their child’s learning and development at ConnCAT
  • Schools will provide regular attendance and academic records on students to ConnCAT