Student Highlights

Recognizing students who have seized the opportunity to be great!
These students have caught on to the ConnCAT vision,
inspiring hope, being innovative, creative and pursing excellence in their fields.

Amaya Blount
Youth Programs

Meet Amaya Blount! Amaya has been a Youth Programs participant for the last three years at ConnCAT and is a rising 8th grade student at Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School in New Haven. With a passion for art, she excels in the visual arts component of the After-School program. She loves to draw and sketch because it allows her to, “speak without using words.” Amaya is also a budding entrepreneur. This young confectionery artist enjoys baking and selling cupcakes. Have a sweet tooth? Check out Amaya’s Cupcakery. Email to place orders for birthdays and events.

Kenneth Haynes
Phlebotomy Cohort XIV

New Haven native and recent high school graduate, Kenneth Haynes, is ready for his new career as a Phlebotomist. Haynes, who was a student with Phlebotomy Cohort XIV has completed his didactic training and received major compliments for his work during his externship at Bridgeport Hospital Lab Services in Shelton, Connecticut. Receiving praises for his dedication, dependability and initiative, Kenneth Haynes has indeed made ConnCAT very proud.

Bjorn Byfield
Culinary Cohort II

Affectionately called Chef B, Bjorn Byfield started off in Culinary Cohort II and experienced some unfortunate family issues which forced him to withdraw from the program. A persistent and determined Byfield soon re-entered the culinary program’s next cohort. After a stellar performance while in the program and while awaiting graduation from Culinary Cohort III, Byfield was offered a position to join the ConnCAT staff as Assistant Chef. He has since been a valued addition to the ConnCAT staff and seeks to improve himself and his impact on his community. ConnCAT salutes Chef Bjorn Byfield.

Stacey Brooks
Medical Billing and Coding Cohort VI

Medical Billing and Coding Cohort VI graduate, Stacey Brooks has overcome many obstacles during her time as a ConnCAT student. She shared that there were times she wanted to give up. With dedication and commitment Stacey successfully completed her externship where she is currently employed as a billing specialist. Stacey has been inspired to move deeper into healthcare and possibly pursue an education in optometry.